Shameless Self Promotion

Tyler Beckett is a billionaire businessman; he is also a playboy, womanizing douche bag. This is not his story; it is the story about the women he used and discarded and how he affected their lives.

            He married Rebecca but that was short lived; she died while they were on vacation. Mystery surrounded that case but it ended up a cold file while he moved on with his life.

            Grace Tiffin was fresh out of college when she applied for and got a job at Beckett Industries. Her job description was to keep his office organized; her plan was to be his wife. She did whatever she could to make that happen and life was good until she was replaced by another.

            Julia Tinsdale was an heiress, beautiful and everything Grace was not’ She ended up dead, her mangled corpse discovered at the bottom of the cliffs.

The case was handed to Detective Jake Kagan of the Lakewood Police Department. He made many visits to the Beckett Estate, determined that Tyler was the culprit. He pushed forward in his investigation while someone paid close attention. When he got too close, someone lashed out in the form of an attempt on his life but his was not the life that was lost.

With Clear Intent tells many stories but none more important than that of the serial killer who lives in plain sight.books