Resolutions or Goals?

Now that a new decade stretches before us, what will you do with the next ten years; do you make resolutions or set goals?

Resolutions by their very name, beg to be broken; mine don’t last the month! A few years ago I started to set goals and it has worked for me. This, of course, is individual as resolutions do work for some. The name of the game doesn’t matter as long as the result is the same…accomplishment!

When I write, I set a goal for the completion of my first draft and depending on the cooperation of my muse and characters, I can usually meet that goal. However, the character in my present wip is not cooperating. Theo (that’s his name) and I are at a stalemate at the moment as we try to work towards a compromise!

Whatever you set at the beginning of the year, should see some reward by year’s end.

Make this your year or your decade to shine!

All my best to you,


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