The Three Dots

We all use them in our wrting and they are called ellipses in the plural; a group of three dots (no more, no less) is called an ellipsis. The one place there would be more is if it lands at the end of a sentence, then there would be four dots, one being a period.

So, what does an ellipsis do? They are used to indicate an interruption or pause in dialouge. They are also used to express more, with the use of fewer words.

Before you decide to submit your manuscript, make sure to check that you haven’t overused the ellipsis. Use the Find function and enter two dots; the checker will find every sequesnce of two, less or more dots in your manuscript so you can edits out the errors.

I remember early into my writing career, I was in love with the three dots and used them shamelessly throughout my manuscript. When I sent it for a critique, one comment was, “why do you have so many? I didn’t know what the critiquer was referring to so I looked up the word and realized that I shamelessly overused them. Lesson learned!

Until next time,

All my best,


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