A Good Year

2019 has been better to me than I expected it to be. So many positive things have happened:

  • My second novel, The Pleasures of Deceit, was accepted for publication by Austin Macauley Publishers in NYC
  • I bought a house near the beach (5 minutes near!)
  • My daughter, Ren Thompson, had her book, Dead Heat, published and can be found on Amazon
  • My son, Seneca Aaron is one of the writers of the Coroner series; second season to air January 6th, 9pm on CBC
  • My son, Seretse Aaron, is working on a new album and has just welcomed a third addition to the family, a daughter, Calliope Quinn.

This post has nothing to do with what I usually write; it has everything to do with the mood I was in as I rolled batches of cookies and baked cranberry bread in preparation for the holidays ahead. I am so very thankful to be who, where, and how I am!

Have a wonderful week going forward.

All my best,


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