When Do You Know?

This blog post is inspired by a question put to the #WriterCommunity on Twitter.

There is no set answer. Once you make sure your story reads well, and you feel you’ve done your best, you’re ready.

No writer likes to send their baby out into the publishing world without feeling it will find a good home. They worry about rejection and many cringe from the thought that someone other than a family member will read their words and not like them.

You can’t expect to please everyone so don’t try. The world is a big place and with your book on Amazon, it will get worldwide attention.

This is all normal. Edit your book until it is clean. By this I mean, write tight, make sure your character’s features are the same throughout (eyes, hair…unless they dye it during the course of the story, ethnicity). I once had a character’s eyes as green at the end when at the beginning they were whiskey-brown.

Make sure time and place flows and you’ve checked for typos, spelling and punctuation. Beta readers will help with this as well.

Self-sabotage is also another reason some writers feel their book is not ready for the next step; their fear is not failure, but success, as strange as that may sound. It’s all of the attention that it will bring and the promotional up-tick in the form of book signings and interviews which will attract attention.

I experienced this just recently when a contractor doing a small renovation in my home asked me what I do.

Me: I am a writer
Dead silence for awhile then, “Like books?”
Me: Yep
Him: Do you have a book published?
Me: Yep

This, of course, swelled my head beyond it’s normally big size. I handed him my business card after I autographed the back of it for him.

This just made my day!

Don’t be afraid of recognition; it’s not easy to write a book, you deserve the praise!

Good luck to all of you new writers who are in doubt…you can do it!

All my best,


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