The Importance of Social Media

Those of us living the writer’s life or any form of a creative arts existence should understand the importance of the Internet and the availability of social media; something I am still learning about.

On Twitter this last week I went from forty followers to over two-hundred just by interacting with the other writers, following them, reading their posts, liking and retweeting. I am thrilled about this and my list of followers continues to grow.

There are so many different writers groups to explore and become a part of and in them you will find writers who are not there to judge you but are always willing to help you hone your skills.

I am also on Instagram and Facebook.

Marketing and self promotion is time consuming so it is always best to do a bit of time management, something I am terrible at! I do have retirement on my side but for those of you still in the workforce, make a schedule to keep yourself on track.

I also have a blog; I prefer it to a website (for now). I have them all linked so when I blog, it is shared across the mediaverse (is this even a word?).

You don’t have to wait until your book is finished/published; start working on marketing and promotion now so you will have increased media presence and your platform it will be ready when you need it.

All my best to you,


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