Writer or Author: Which One Are You?

As I finished some paperwork for my publisher, I began to wonder about these two titles and how I use them to describe myself. I never gave it much thought as I use them interchangeably. It was not until I did a little research that I descovered there is qute a difference.

A writer knows how to use words and string them together to turn sentences into text. Some writers earn a living this way e.g. copy writers, speech writers, public service announcements; they use research and ideas developed by someone else.

An author comes up with the ideas and knows how to transform text into book-length projects. In fiction they know how to plot, how to develop the story arc, how to build worlds and develope characters.

After reading through several articles, I can say I am both a writer and an author. I come up with my own ideas and develop them into book-length stories. I plot and also use the pantser method. I put in the time and energy to get the story from brain to publisher.

So, are you a writer, an author or both? While you ponder your answer, ask yourself:

-do you consider writing to be a chore, a hobby or do you genuinely like to write?

-are you in it for the money?

-does you name have to be on the bookcover; would you be okay with a mention or acknowledgement?

-do you strive to get something published consistently or do you let time lag for years between books?

I am both a writer and an author though procrastination prevents me from publishing more prolifically than I’d like.

Think about you now; how do you fit in?

Have a fabulous weekend,


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