Creative Work Spaces

My new project is to create a workspace. I live in a bungalow and there is a fireplace in the dining room area with a nook on either side; the dining room table will be relocated. This will be where I set up my office.

My plan is to have two cabinets made to fit the nooks so there is someplace for my paperwork and stuff (all writers have stuff)! I will add floating shelves above the cabinets for books.

I want to find a small roll-top desk to place under the window and a stand of sorts for the printer.

I am an avid indoor gardener, so I am not without greenery. I will add a hanging basket of mixed plants near the window.

This is the before photo. I have no timeframe for when the project will be completed but when it is, I will link this post to the after photo.

There are many images and DIY articles for creating work spaces in the home; some I’ve found on Pinterest and others by random searches.

One thing is key for me; I must have an uncluttered work area, soft colors and plants. I will use candles and of course, the fireplace when I work in the evening or are inspired to write well into the night.

To be continued…


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