Creative Writing Is Not Just For Books

When you tell someone you are a writer, in some cases, they conjuer up images of you toiling over your manuscript while drowning in copious cups of stale coffee in some hidey hole in the city.

Not all writers write books.

There are many types of writing that you can do and below, I’ve listed a few examples. I do not endorse these sites, merely listed the links to get you started; you’ll have to do your research to find what is right for you.

Video Game Writer : these writers work on developing the plot, settings, and characters in the game.

Copywriter : these writers help with advertising and marketing by creating taglines and content for the web.

Business Writer : these writers create content for billboards, catalogs, and the web; to present logical information in informative ways.

Ghostwriter : these writers are hired to do writing that is officially credited to another person e.g. a celebrity or public figure.

Freelance Writer : these writers focus their writing on topics that interest them and know the most about (write what you know).

Technical Writer : these writers create handbooks, suer guides, manuals for products and services.

Grant Writer : these writers help to find funding for non-profit and charitable agencies; they fill out and submit grant applications.

I hope this list is of some help to you; happy writing.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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