Writing and S.A.D

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is real; I am one of it’s sufferers. It’s caused by a lack of natural sunlight and affects my mood. It usually rears its ugly head in mid winter although it can strike me at any time; dark, stormy days are just as hard.

When I struggle through an episode, it is hard for me to concentrate. I can’t transfer words to paper or string two sentences together; all I want to do is sleep. My energy level bottoms out and I binge on junk food for extra endorphins.

My muse is no help at all; she packs a bag and goes on vacation.

I am a procrastinator and will find things that need to be done as an excuse to keep me from my desk. SAD gives me another reason to avoid the pen. My remedy is to force myself to keep butt in chair until I get something written. I don’t strive for huge daily word counts during these times; fifty words works as well as five-hundred.

It is a battle but I love to write so even if they are incoherent, nonsensical words, I put them down. Who knows; they may come in useful when I try to develop a language for an alien being in one of my wips.

Today is not a SAD one; we got a snow-dump during the night, the sun is out and I have coffee. I am a writer!



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