Authors and Self-Doubt

Self doubt is a staple in the lives of most creatives; for authors, it takes root as soon as we decide to write. It is a definite plague on new writers and in many cases, tanks their career before it begins.

You have a story to tell and as you begin to put it down on paper, your inner editor takes over. You delete, correct, redo, rewrite and this furthers the self-doubt. In the end, you throw your work away before the first draft is completed.

Many authors in various stages of their careers still suffer this feeling; it comes from the anxiety of having your book read and reviewed. You worry about how your book compares to others which can further intimidate and overwhelm.

If you attend a conference or book signings or any number of venues where authors are showcased, you’ll see authors who find it hard to engage, are withdrawn. They are the self-doubters.

I find journaling helps to dispel my self doubt. I scream onto the pages; get it all off my chest. I feel better and can concentrate on my current wip instead of worrying about it’s reception.

I also realize that I cannot please everyone so I don’t try to. I do my best, throw it out there and hope it finds a home.

So learn to accept self-doubt as a part of your writer’s life; it will teach you to always strive to do better.

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