Mirror, Mirror…

It’s sunday and I didn’t plan to blog today but I had to get this one out there.

As I looked in the mirror this morning, I thought what a great way to help describe your characters.

Look at your face; is it heart shaped, square or round? Maybe it’s oblong or oval. How about dimples or a cleft chin?

What is your skin like; its tone, texture? Do you see wrinkles. Do you have crows feet at the outer corners of your eyes. What color are they; do you have thick eyebrows or are they thin and sparse?

Are your cheekbones high, prominent or are they blended into the overall look of your face?

Add as much detail to your description as you can. What color hair do you have? Is it curly, kinky, straight; how thick is it? Natural color or out of a box?

Look at your ears. Do they sit high or low; pierced; hairy?

What are you wearing? Are your colors bright or muted; does your shirt need ironing?

There are many character description tools out there and they are all helpful. This is another one, just as helpful with a bit of fun thrown in.

When you’re creating your characters, stand them in front of a mirror and describe everything you see. When you place that character into your story, he/she will stand out to your reader.

All my best,


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