Fits and Starts

That’s what I call my writing at times; I have fits about what to write then start to write it.

I had thirteen manuscripts at one point and when I realized what I was doing, I began to weed out the ones I knew I would never finish; that left five.

Of the five, I’ve had one published in December 2016, another in the process of being published and released late 2020. A third waits on my computer…a scary place to be.

I’ve been working on manuscript number three in between moving and unpacking when one of the characters from another book I am in the process of completing, called to me.

“You know you want me” he said in his sexy baritone voice.

His name is Theo and yes, I do want him…to have his story finished; he is my favorite character. So, I pulled out my flash drive and searched for his words.

I printed off everything I’ve written over the years and when I come back to my desk in the morning, I’ll know where to begin.

I created Theo in January 2012 and he has been patient with me for the most part. When I put him aside to begin another manuscript, write short stories for anthologies and articles for newspapers, he didn’t complain much but he raced through my mind whenever I touched the flash drive he was stored on.

I think nine, almost ten years is long enough to keep a guy waiting so I promised him I would finish his story next.

When I informed Jasper, the character in the manuscript on my computer, he groaned and grumbled. I told him I would get back to him soon; I didn’t tell him how long Theo waited.

Right now though, it’s Chinese food, wine and a movie.

Have a great evening,


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