The First Snow

Yesterday was Halloween. It is usually a bad weather day for the kids who want to go out and trick or treat. It rained so hard that the little gremlins and goblins stayed indoors. With a combination of steady rainfall and a drop in temperature overnight, I woke to this.

I live in the snow-belt in central Ontario and expect it at any time. I love snow for the holiday season but come New Year’s Day, I want it gone.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way in Canada. So, what to do?

Write a holiday themed article or short story and submit it; take pictures and make homemade cards to celebrate the holidays; make a collage of the pictures and use it as wall art.

There are other ways to enjoy the snow and cold. You could toboggan, go ice-skating, have a snowball fight, go for a sleigh ride, build a snowman.

How about that comfort food? Hot chocolate, homemade soups, hearty stews with homemade bread…you get the idea.

The first snow is just a sign of things to come here in Canada. Whether you love it or hate it, use it; you’ll enjoy it more.

All my best,


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