The Importance of Self Promotion

Whether you plan to self publish or go the traditional route, self promotion is an important part of your writer’s journey. It’s not enough to have an author’s website that languishes in a search engine quagmire; you have to do more.

As pointed out to me, social media is the way of the future so it is important that you take advantage of these venues as well. I use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to name a few but there are many others I have yet to explore and add to my promotional toolbox.

Book signings/readings, guest blogs, author interviews all play a part as does an excerpt or synopsis  from your published works or your wip.

Below is a partial synopsis from my first novel, With Clear Intent:

Tyler Beckett is a billionaire businessman; he is also a playboy, womanizing douche bag. This is not his story; it is the story about the women he used and discarded and how he affected their lives.

He married Rebecca; a marriage short lived. She died while they were on vacation. Mystery surrounded the case but it ended up, unresolved, a cold file while he moved on with his life.

Grace Tiffin, fresh out of college, applied for employment at Beckett Industries. Her job description was to keep his office organized; her plan was to be his wife. She did whatever she could to make her plan a reality and life was good until she was replaced by another.

Julia Tinsdale was an heiress, beautiful and everything Grace was not. She ended up dead, at the bottom of the cliffs.

Grace  tried to comfort Tyler, be there for him and expected him to appreciate all that she did by taking her back into his life; once again, she was disappointed.

The case was handed to Detective Jake Kagan of the Lakewood Police Department. He made many visits to the Beckett Estate, determined that Tyler was the culprit. He pushed forward in his investigation while someone paid close attention and when he got too close, that someone lashed out in the form of an attempt on his life but the life that was lost belonged to his wife.

He returned to work after a short leave; he needed something to take his mind off of his life without her. Misery and grief clouded his judgement and he was forced to stay away from his job until he could come to terms with his loss.

Grace’s rage simmered just below the surface as woman after woman sailed through Tyler’s life.

Marlene Delaney mirrored Grace; fresh out of college with a degree under one arm and ambition under the other. Tyler hired the pretty, young thing, gave her a three figure salary and a private office. When Grace tried to protest, she was reminded by him that he made the decisions!

Marlene reveled in the attention she received when Tyler asked her out, first for lunch, then dinner and finally took her to bed; she assumed this meant they would marry.

When Vivienne Ashmore came on the scene, Marlene’s anger knew no bounds. Both she and Grace felt the same rage when he announced his engagement, it was more than either of them could bare.

The rejection made Marlene’s job more difficult for her but she had a decision to make. Did she really want to go through life without seeing the man she loved everyday?

She swallowed her pride and her rage at the woman who replaced her and continued on. When she was asked to work in Tyler’s home office on his estate her hopes soared until she found Vivienne already ensconced as the future Mrs. Moneybags.

She couldn’t let things stand as they were, she had to get rid of the twit so made a plan to scare her off and was rewarded when she saw fear become Vivienne’s constant companion.

Teryn Tremaine’s fear was her job; she feared being swallowed up by the tedium of it all and needed a change.

She quit her job, packed up her apartment and set out for destination unknown, accompanied by her six-month old puppy. When she landed in Lakewood due to misdirection by a gas station attendant, she decided to make the most of it and have a look around.

Curiosity got the better of her and she ended up on the Beckett Estate. As luck would have it, there was a small cottage for rent so she decided to take advantage of the lakeside abode, much to the displeasure of Marlene.

Teryn settled into her life, found a job with the local newspaper and covered the crime desk. She and Vivienne became friends and after a while, Vivienne shared what troubled her. Teryn promised to keep her secret and not go to the police; Vivienne didn’t want to upset Tyler.

When she was kidnapped during her daily jog, Teryn broke that promise; she and Jake worked the case together. During their investigation, Teryn realized that the sequence of events mirrored the events in a novel she wrote; it was traditionally published and very successful. She related as much to Jake and through countless trips to the estate, they discovered they had enough to make an arrest; Marlene became their prime suspect.

When Marlene called Tyler to ask for his help, a corporate lawyer was sent to her. She was released on bail and told to stay away from the estate and Tyler, until the case was resolved.

©January 15, 2016 Naiobi James

With Clear Intent is the story of a serial killer who lives life in plain sight. You can find my book on Amazon

Best Wishes,


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