Finish the Draft

The first draft is the hardest part of my writer’s life; to get the prose from brain to page without a fight. My current work in progress (wip), is fighting me every step of the way.

I try to create scenes that would make the reader feel as though they’ve been there only to have my characters wish they were anywhere but there! They don’t cooperate with me or each other and at times, I end up in a rewrite too early into the process.

I have managed to reach the mid-point in my current manuscript and so far, everyone seems happy with their lot; let’s hope that joy carries them to the end.

Earlier in my career, I would become frustrated and scrap the entire thing. I would delete it rather than save it in what I now call my “fodder folder”. Sometimes, story ideas, plots and characters don’t fit your current wip but keep them ; they might find a place in something else you write in the future.

Fight the good fight and finish the first draft; you’ll have an entire road map for your book. On rewrite, you’ll find that what you started with is very different from what you end up with and that’s a good thing. Each version will be better than the previous and when you’re happy with it, submit.

My best to you,


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