What Do Writers Read?

Reading is one of the building blocks to becoming good at the craft. Read books in and out of the genre you like to write in and also read about the craft itself.

I have several books about writing that I refer to but my all time favorites are by Carolyn Howard-Johnson. Her book The Frugal Editor taught me a lot about how to use words, punctuation and how to edit my work.

Do you know what a Gerund is? Neither did I until I read this book; it explains what it is as well as how to spot it in your work. Both editions of this book should be staples on any writer’s bookshelf.

Another book I live by is Hooked by Les Edgerton. Once I read this book, I had a solid idea of what my readers would look for. It is very important to grab their attention on page one, otherwise they will lose interest.

Have you ever browsed a bookstore for nothing in particular? Do you look at the cover first, then read the blurb on the back? This is true of many of us. If it seems interesting, you open to page one and in many cases, the first sentence makes you close the book and move on.

Learn how to prevent this, and many other pitfalls, from plaguing your prose; you will build confidence in yourself and your work.

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